So in case you've been wondering why the site was down, it was because we had a severe failure of APC and surge protectors during a raging thunderstorm.

At about 3 am on Wednesday morning, a bolt of lightning struck so close to my house that the thunder from the hit shook the entire building, set the firealarms off, and tripped the circuit breaker for the bedrooms on my upper floor.

It scared the living shit out of my sister and I too. I literally lept out of bed.

The UPS' that I have on everything in my house started beeping, and I ran over to make sure things were shutting down as they should.

I walked downstairs, visibly shaken, to see what else was fucked beyond all recognition. Amazingly the TV, XBox, Wii and bigger items like the AC, fridge, etc were ok.

The networking in the house wasn't so lucky.

All my little netgear switches were shot to hell, as was my DSL modem, and my alarm clock in my room was acting wonky. Also, my backup server was turfed. And the server that hosts the webserver VM's was turfed too; woohoo. Also my desktop wouldn't turn back on for some reason.

Disks were fine in all of the machines, but I figured they'd be. So it was more a case of "ok, gotta scramble to fix fried hardware" than scramble to recover lost data.

In the end I had to drop about 90 bucks on new switches and a DSL modem to replace those that were toast.

I got the backup server back online, but the other server is screwed insofar as it's embedded NIC doesn't transmit anymore and when you put a NIC in it's PCI slots, it doesn't boot; fuck it.

I also dropped coin on a new Dell to replace servers/be new desktop. 600 bucks netted me an AMD 2.8 GHz quad core with 6 gig of ram and a 750 gig disk; man this stuff is getting cheap. All the rest of the broken shit and old hardware I had I tossed; good riddance.

So after a lot of copying stuff around, it's all back up and going again.