I rode my motorcycle up to Blackhawk Campgrounds in Milton Wisconsin this weekend to hang out with friends at a camper. Man, 120 miles is a lot farther on a motorcycle than it is in a car.

The whole trip but about 350 miles on my bike; 2 days of riding. I got home the other day, after riding in ~90 degree weather at between 75 and 80 mph with killer head and cross winds, and walked in the house and collapsed. I was exhausted.

I slept for the next 13 hours and felt sore as hell when I woke up. I feel a better now, but man, the memories of these last 2 days. I got to sleep at about 4 am Sunday morning, crashing on a futon in the camper; it was the most comfortable futon I've ever slept on. I can't say whether it was the AC or the fact that it was 4 am and I had had a busy day that contributed most to the head-hits-the-pillow-and-lights-out sleep.

Saturday started with the 120 mile ride north. I got there at ~10 am, already tired from the ride, and got the next hour to relax and doze until 11 when we did what I originally had intended to do when I got there; go riding.

So we skipped around Wisconsin for the next 100 or so miles stopping at dive bars along the way. The weather was fine while we were moving, let's put it that way. Moving under 10 mph for any amount of time was miserable. We got back to the camper 5 hours later and I was ready to throw in the towel, but thats when they started on dinner and cracked open the booze. Hey, why not it's 4 pm and its the weekend.

So from that point until roughly 4 am I ate food from a bunch of my friends friends campers, hung out, drank whatever was around, although I really hate beer, so I prefer the harder stuff mixed with anything that removes that alcohol flavor, bleh (I must have some repressed memories from when I was a kid; the taste of alcohol reminds me of hospitals, and I was in them waaaaay too much for your average kid; lousy CAH)

So the rest of the night and next morning was a mix of that. So it's not unusual to feel not too happy about then having to top that off with another 120 mile ride home the next day. I woke up too early considering the night before, and plodded around outside until about 9 am. Once everyone else was awake and beginning to lounge again, I pulled myself together and said my goodbyes; getting on the road at roughly 1 pm.

At about 3:30, and after taking a wrong turn no thanks to my GPS and it's burning desire to have me take a route I didn't want to take, I pulled up at the house just as Natalie was getting ready to leave with some new biker friends she had met. I guess they had gone down to Starved Rock that day. I made some idle conversation but was really too tired to do anything so that's when I made my way back inside, showered, and crashed in bed.

Thank god I have today to recover : )