Today has been a "fat finger" day for sure. Don't you hate that sinking feeling you get when you have one too many space in your rm command? That's the same sort of sinking feeling I had at work today.

So Monster Hunter 3 is pretty cool but it's also harder than hell right when you don't want it to be. For instance, I was playing the other night and I wanted to quickly do a quest; one involving a Great Something-or-other. Well, what I envisioned taking only about 10 minutes or so took almost 50 and I still lost. Wonderful.

I like almost everything about the game except that for the solo player it is a laborious process to buff up your character. There's no "leveling" per-se. You just accomplish more and more quests and that unlocks more and more things. So it's hard to feel like you're getting any further in the game, especially if you're stuck on a particular quest because one of the stupid monsters calls out another Great Something-or-other and they proceed to double-team you.

There are some great games coming out in the relatively near future. I'm totally stoked to get them.