For a project I'm working on I was evaluating some new tech and of course during the evaluation I was lead to some more new tech that is related to this other new tech. In a nutshell, now I am in over my head :P

Christmas was no-too-bad this year. Surprisingly my biggest fear (that being in the same house with my family for > 4 hours would result in the end of days) didn't happen.

My dad was surprisingly non judgemental and wasn't bossy (shocking!). My mom wasn't needy or asking for everyone to drop everything they are doing and bow to her; it was a joy.

I would have appreciated just one thing from each of them; christmas lists. Trying to get xmas lists from either of them is like pulling teeth.

I'm quite open to buying them whatever they'd ask for (within reason). I don't judge in this regard. If you want weird shit, ask and you shall receive; who am I to judge. But they ended up asking for just about nothing and that was a bummer.

The new year is almost here though and I imagine I'll be at my mom's place for it. See you next year.