My friend Will stirred my curiosity in random programming tasks today insofar as I added a tweets of new malware urls to our work twitter account. So basically what happens is savory, the malware app, will tweet when it sees new urls. Being a really weird person, you can choose to follow these tweets if you want.

I can't imagine that this is useful in any way, but it was fun and I wrote a new class, Zend_Services_Bitly in the process.

I also gained a list of all the Nessus XML-RPC endpoints. Tenable hasn't released any official documentation on this yet. In fact, I haven't found anything anywhere about it yet; makes it kinda hard to use it, ya know. Anyway, here they are refer to my other post for various required inputs.

  • https://localhost:443/login</li>
  • https://localhost:443/logout</li>
  • https://localhost:443/users/add</li>
  • https://localhost:443/users/delete</li>
  • https://localhost:443/users/chpasswd</li>
  • https://localhost/users/list</li>
  • https://localhost:443/plugins/description</li>
  • https://localhost/plugins/list</li>
  • https://localhost:443/plugins/list/family</li>
  • https://localhost/plugins/preferences</li>
  • https://localhost/preferences/list</li>
  • https://localhost/policy/list</li>
  • https://localhost:443/policy/add/</li>
  • https://localhost:443/policy/delete/</li>
  • https://localhost:443/policy/rename/</li>
  • https://localhost:443/scan/new/</li>
  • https://localhost:443/scan/stop/</li>
  • https://localhost:443/scan/pause/</li>
  • https://localhost:443/scan/resume/</li>
  • https://localhost/scan/list</li>
  • https://localhost/report/list</li>
  • https://localhost:443/report/delete</li>
  • https://localhost:443/file/report/download</li>
  • https://localhost:443/report/hosts</li>
  • https://localhost:443/report/hosts</li>
  • https://localhost:443/report/ports</li>
  • https://localhost:443/report/details</li>
  • https://localhost:443/report/tags</li>
  • https://localhost:443/file/report/import</li>