My entire day is spent dealing with software that is beyond maddening.

Search, packet capture, network services, databases, etc. They all are hopelessly useless in their implementations on site, and I've lost my faith that any of them can actually be done even marginally well. I'm crying out for even C grade quality, heck with the B or A quality work.

For example, the performance of a web service interface that I've used recently.

Now, logic would dictate that APIs of nearly every make and model are better off not existing if the performance of them is slow. Laemly slow. Slower than a blind, crippled, geriatric turtle competing in the Chicago marathon.

Yet they exist

I'm sitting here in fact, waiting for a call to said API to finish. How long have I been sitting? well, wget timed out at the 15 minute mark, and re-initiated the request. Does that</strong>, to you, sound like a good API?

And to rub salt in the wound (no offense to the salt) the API is a web services API. In my experience, anything that would match the regex /web/ is immediately assumed to be quick, snappy, anti-Bill Lumberg speak. To take 15 minutes is unacceptable; don't argue with me, it's unacceptable.

So it makes it difficult to build anything on top of solutions like this. You see a cool product, say "hooray a solution to my problem" and then are immediately let down when you find out that, no, you were wrong because they tricked you into thinking that their super awesome tool is really just a web service wrapper around "cat directory/* | grep $string". Lame.

It leaves me wondering where all the smart folks have run off to. Surely there have to be some brilliant engineers that have solved these problems before. Hopefully they are not all living in a town secluded in a Colorado mountain valley.

If they are, we're all screwed.