Well, I promised some nessquik beta code by the end of October, but I missed my mark. It's close to being ready, but I haven't walked through a successful cradle-to-grave install yet, so I don't want to release any code just yet.

I worked on it more this weekend to get it to the point of release-ness though. The setup module is finished and I fixed a number of quirks and bugs I found as I ran through god know how many installations.

I also need to complete at least 2 install docs; one for ubuntu, one for a RHEL based distro, before I'll upload a beta. I've started with the Ubuntu one first, basing it off Jaunty because Karmic just came out.

I don't have software to give, but I won't leave you hanging. So here are a boatload of screenshots</a> that show off the new nessquik.

If  you'd like to be notified when the beta is available, shoot me an email at my caphrim007 google account, or follow me on twitter</a> and I'll post an update then.

Until then, enjoy the screenshots