I tell ya, I have the best luck.

It would appear that there is a banner flag you can send to the Nessus server to give you the needed timestamps. It's called, obviously, "timestamps".

Where my luck really shines though is with libraries. Part of setting up these scans is writing a fairly large chunk of data over the network to Nessus. Something gets screwed up along the way though with PHP and somebody, probably PHP, starts throwing these SSL3_WRITE_PENDING: bad write retry errors.

Googleing around, I can't pin down a cause; great. If it's openssl, I wouldn't be surprised. The version available on server dates back to 2006, and that's with the most recent distro of the OS!

I'm going to try to write the data in small chunks and see if that helps. Maybe there is just too much crap being crammed down too small of a pipe