Sept 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, was the day I paid off my last student loan and last debt excluding my house.

I started down this road November 28th of '08, and it's taken this long to pay it all off; 2 credit cards, car, motorcycle, and student loans. Approximately $35,625 later, having sold one of my motorcyles and cashed out a hefty chunk of my money market account, I'm done.

The 2700 figure in this post's title is the amount of interest I paid out over the time that I had my student loan. Had I lived with it for the full 15 years, they estimated that I would pony up $6797; well, sweep that one under the rug.

Along the way I axe'd my cable and brought Netflix into the fray. Joe recommended Netflix when I was first considering dropping cable. It was a fantastic recommendation as I don't miss cable and I really enjoy Netflix.

The last year has really sucked regarding spending; Joe can attest to that. I was being a tightwad for a reason though; I can ease up now.