So I'm in to the first couple of days of vacation and yeah, this is why I don't take much vacation; what is there to do?

I got some chores done, went to the DMV for a car thing, watched some James Bond movies I've had laying around that have never been watched, finished a Rex Stout book, started another, and played some video games, but man, time off is a chore.

I've finished off a slew of nessquik related things this week. The audit UI code is very close to being complete, but is certainly to a point of being useful. There are a couple weird things that I'm not going to worry about right now and will just add them to a TODO list. They're not mission critical (shift select checkboxes on the audit page for example).

I added the finishing touches to round 1 of the Roles UI code. I'll want to probably create a special permissions modification page, but for right now it can stay the way it is. A 2.5 user emailed me recently and reminded me of selectively allowing scanners to be used. I need to go back and tweak the audit UI to allow this again. It should fit in to the permissions system no problem though.

Need to add the Accounts UI code and a notification system which I've spec'd the design and things out for. I'll probably finish them sometime this week.

I also want to tie in some integration things before I ship 2.6 or else this release wont be nearly as fun as it should be.

We'll see. Anyway, it's a bummer, but this week (tomorrow actually), they're re-sealing my driveway. Why is this lame? Because it's my birthday, and because it takes 24 hours to dry. So my car is on the street, but I'm more bummed because my bike is in the garage and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow.

So I plan on hanging out at least for part of the day at mom's house.

I'm below 190 finally; 188 actually. That's pretty sweet. I haven't weighed that for a while. College is when most of it packed on, and around the last 2 years it really came on. DDR in the morning for 30 minutes is slowing helping to chip away at the 4 years of abuse though.

Lifestyle changes like exercise and diet really suck. I dunno if I'll stick with it, but I'll give it 4 years. I figure it took 4 years to put it on, it'll take at least that long to take it off. Bummer.

Sent in one more fat check to Sallie Mae yesterday; approximately 3k to go and then debt free; gawd it's been a long 8 months. You have no idea how much I want to buy toys. I'm sick of sending half my paycheck to creditors. No joke but aside from probably my motorcycle windshield, I don't think I've bought any "non-essential" stuff in the last 8 months. I've been in "pay debt, hoard cash" mode. Do I know something you don't? No, just covering my ass.

Natalie comes home this weekend from school so I hope the weather will be nice. We planned on going for a motorcycle ride somewhere if it is. Tula is being a cat still. She's crazy.