Today and tonight I finished up the UI functionality for the policy modifications page. I'll start work on the actual form handling code tomorrow. Also, I will finish the code to handle cleanup of drafts of policies that you choose not to create.

There is some odd-ness with the roles and policies UI. It all revolves around updating the list that you see when you delete items. What I'll do is add a timeout that will refresh the list upon a delete action. I need to remember to reset the timeout in-case another delete action occurs, so point noted.

Tula has been hanging out at my place these last couple of days. She's found a spot underneath my couch where she likes to lay for most of the day. At nights she likes to jump at the bugs that cling to the screen door that leads to the patio. She hasn't been nearly as hungry and my sister made it seem like she would be, but she's curious about whatever you're cooking.