So the other day I was picking apart my motorcycle because Joe explained this fuse block thing I found in a touring magazine. I took off the seat to see how the battery was situated and while there I noticed my saddle bags, which have a sort of metal ring locking mechanism on them, had rubbed up against the rear fender one too many times.

I thought back to when I was buying these and one of the "warnings", if you will, was that you can rub the paint off the toss-over ones because they sit on the fender.

So I wasn't very surprised, and it's not a big spot (two or three points about the size of a pin head) but then it occurred to me that maybe I didn't install them right either.

See the yoke has a strap that I thought was supposed to go under the yoke and across the width of the fender. That's when I noticed these holes cut into the yoke and then it occurred to me that if I wiggle this harness up through these holes that, wouldn't you know, no more metal rubbing on the fender; whoops.

So I did the adjustments and now the harness sits on top of the leather yoke, runs under the seat across the width of the fender, and no longer rubs against the fender. Well, live and learn I guess.