Oh this</a> just fills me with so much joy. I have a major weakness for baby animals; god. I found them huddled underneath a tree outside my back door today. It made my day.

Since I got my windshield I've felt very refreshed. I dunno if it's summer or that I gave myself a gift after cutting back for so long or what, but I've just felt better recently. At work, there's been a lot of talk between myself and the central web team about nessquik and it's problems. Allow me to elaborate.

nessquik is getting to be old code. It's due for a refactoring which is currently underway. The CWS team runs 7 or so webservers and every time they scan them with nessquik, they ultimately get incorrect results. Vulnerability scanning is an art more than a science, and we tell them that, but they don't listen.

Well they're getting flustered because they need a set of reliable results, and are looking for ways to automate things. nessquik has a limited API which is mainly used for communication between the Nessus server and the nessquik webserver. It was never really meant to be consumed by users.

So me and the CWS team sat down and had a heart-to-heart. They gave me 4 big requirements. I told them that those requirements were already in the pipeline for 2.6. I then told them that I intend 2.6 to be available for use sometime in October since that is when performance reviews come around and I want some money. They decided to postpone their complaints until October; horray.

Of course that leaves me on the hook; damn.

As a result of me just feeling better lately though, I'm under the impression that the workload for 2.6 isn't all that big and I've spent a lot of productive time actually hashing out ideas. I've expanded the API significantly</a>. It'll all be available for use by anyone in 2.6.

So I'll be working on the classes on the backend that support all that. Here's to hoping I get it finished by October.