It's been quite here for a while. It started when my DSL modem went kaput. That's more-or-less been sorted out, but a few things changed in the process. First, the new modem I have makes things funky in regards to DNS and what happens when I surf to my site here from home. I have to set up a local DNS server on my network to see myself though. So until I do that, I guess I have to post from "off site".

I got a Verizon USB dongle to work over 3G. Amazingly, it worked more-or-less out of the box with my laptop. I needed to upgrade to Jaunty in the process, but it's been a pleasant upgrade.

Mother's day has come and gone. My brothers, sisters and I got together at my mom's house and cleaned her place for her. I made a thing I found on allrecipes called a Strata. It's basically an egg dish with bread and half-and-half. It was really good. I also made a homemade vanilla pudding for dessert that I also found on allrecipes. It was good, but it kinda had the consistency of Hershey's syrup. We layered it in glasses with graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. Yum!

At work we've been busy. I can't really remember all of what I've done recently, so I'll have to refer back to ThinkingRock. I do remember one thing. I wrote an anonymous read/write FTP detector for use on site. We have a policy that forbids writing to an FTP directory and then being able to read back from that directory. It's meant to stop nefarious individuals from finding an FTP server on site and using it as a warez drop.

Nessus has a plugin that claims to do this, but the plugin works by creating directories. This doesn't work for us for obvious reasons. I hacked some of their plugins into a new plugin that does what we need it to do though. It was quite a learning experience; I hate raw FTP as a result.

My car lease is up in about 2 months and I'll probably be buying it out. It's been a good car, and it will still have 2 years left on it's warranty.

I finished Atlas Shrugged a day or so ago. I thought it was a fantastic book. It's about 1100 pages, but it reads fast and the story really frustrates you (due to the characters...they're so evil). I've started on another book called The Black Hole War. It's a physics book about an argument between Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind. So far it's entertaining. He's talked a lot about quantum mechanics and the physics of black holes, but has done so with the lay-person in mind. This kind of stuff fascinates me.