Sweet. I totally got a Digium TDM410 and set up an Asterisk server. Now the Wells Fargo Cronies are S.O.L. Asterisk is sooo cool. I'm going to hook it up to some things at work because that's obviously just a cool thing to do right?

I've been on vacation since Friday and it's been not too bad. I finished Devil May Cry 4, which was a really cool game. It was just short enough to enjoy while not being one of those "ok, when is it going to be finished" games.

I've also been working through Atlas Shrugged more. I'm about a 3rd of the way through it.

It snowed yesterday...odd...it's almost April after all. Where's all the warm weather? Snow doesn't make me feel like spring. I'm sitting here wondering why I'm watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Hulu. He's not funny and his show is not funny. I think I'm watching it out of pity or something. Or maybe I figure if I keep watching it, that maybe it will get better.

Probably not.

And why The Roots? The lead singer never does anything. The drummer and guitarist do all the work.