There are times when caching is great and there are other times when it's a headache. For instance why is my certificate not being used in Firefox? It says it's in the cert store, and I have Firefox configured to "ask me every time". Even after a restart of Firefox it's not asking for the cert.

I check my network settings and I notice I'm configured to run through the proxy. But wait, proxying is excluded for the domain I'm accessing. So I say "no proxy" in firefox and refresh the page. Voila, now I'm asked for my cert. What the hell?

I bought a USB missile launcher from Fry's the other day. It works in linux using the pyrocket libraries. So since we do a fair bit of python in house, I think it's critical that we tie the rocket launcher in to a critical process here at work.

That chicken tacos link below sounds delicious as well. Joe sent me a recipe the other day for a corndog-like muffin. It sounds good too. When I left this morning the chicken was already beginning to smell awesome.