Sometimes I can be terribly impatient. Take tonight for instance. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for my last motorcycle bill to arrive in the snailbox so I can pay it off. Usually it's here by today, but not this month!

Anyways, so I was itching to pay something off. I had planned on putting the scraps left over from tax season towards the student loans, but was going to wait until the state taxes came back too (plus I have some outstanding travel reimbursement due me) so I was going to lump that all in and throw it at that 800 pound gorilla in the room named Sallie.

Well, because Honda apparently doesn't want my money or they're just being lazy, I couldn't wait any longer so I just started attacking the students loans tonight. I can't wait to see that number go buh-bye. It'll be about a year from now until it's gone forever, but chiping away extra at it every month helps boost the self esteem far more than the piddly $130 + 15 years it would take otherwise.

St Patricks Day is coming up soon I noticed, so I flew off to the grocery store to see if they had corned beef brisket; one of my weaknesses. I love corned beef, and I have a slow cooker, which means that I'll probably be dead next week due to too much deliciousness.

Finally, I made a case for Bro today by discovering a bot'd machine. That proved the applications usefulness in two weeks and borrowed hardware versus 6 years and who knows how much stuff was bought to support a stalled P.O.C. So, I win. Seth, I'm driving out to Ohio and camping outside your office if you don't respond to my emails.