This last week I've played Mario Galaxy hardcore just about every day. When Mario 64 came out way back when, I loved it; it's still one of my favorite. Well, Mario Galaxy was just as well executed. I thought it was an awesome game, and thank god it wasn't terribly difficult or complicated like so many games out today. One can comfortably walk through it from start to end and enjoy it all.

Being a fan of 64, I was totally stoked to hear the same music for the path to Bowser in Galaxy that they also had in 64; I love that song!

I've also been churning through books. I'm finishing up Childhood's End by Arthur Clarke. The book is close to 30 years older than I am : ) It's an awesome book though and smokes modern day SciFi. For example, I recently finished Marooned in Realtime. I was really looking forward to it because the abstract of the book sounded cool. Unfortunately it was a slow read and altogether didn't hold itself together well. It seemed more for adolescents than the Clarke book did.

My monitor for the computer I use in my office at home to watch Netflix and Hulu also decided to crap out. I brought it in to work and Joe walked past it, making it work again; go figure.

Watched the last episode of Conan. It's sad to see him go, but I hope he's just as funny on the Tonight Show.

Bought a really cheap Netgear router at Fry's (surprise!) a couple days ago. It was a 54g thing for $39.99. When it rang up at the counter though, it rang up as $32.00. Ok guys, I'll take that! It's at my mom's house now to replace the existing wireless from her DSL router. The existing one turns itself off when my Ubuntu laptop connects to it, and one of their Windows laptops refuses to get an IP from it.

Anyways, the new Netgear works like a charm. Plus, it was purchased with a gift card that I've been waiting to rid myself of. I really don't need or want anything from Fry's, but I've had this $100 gift card from a birthday sitting around collecting dust. Well, now it's slightly more used; still have $68 to rid myself of with it. What do I need?

The VMWare link below resolves a problem for 2.6.18 kernels in virtual machines (in my case VirtualBox) where NTP stops working correctly (it slows down or speeds up or something). Anyways, SLF (even the most recent versions) still uses that hella old kernel, so when I'd use SLF in my virtual machines to VPN back to work, kerberos would always be royally screwed due to NTP being way off. The extra kernel parameters mentioned in the VMWare article make the problem go away thankfully.