I'm one payment away from totally paying off my motorcycle; I'm so stoked to be this close.

Well, the other day my car's check engine light sprang back on. "Just what I need" was the first thing I thought. It came back on while in the garage this time, so I was extra worried. Last time it would come on when it was just really cold out. Thankfully Gartner (btw the best Hyundai dealer in the country!) had a spot open after lunch and was able to get me in for a diagnostic.

I was sitting there looking at their car software they use for the service center and saw that diagnostics were going to cost like $115. "Ridiculous" I thought. What a crock to be charged that much money and then only be told "nope, nothing wrong with your car". Those charges are the lowest form of low. I'll pay if the diag finds something legitimately wrong with the car, but I would be totally pissed off if I had to pay for a service that finds nothing wrong.

I asked the guy about the $115 and he said "oh dont worry about that, there's no charge". Thank you Gartner and warranty!

So I sit around for a while waiting for the tests to finish. In the end, it turned out to be a TPS/APS failure; throttle position sensor/accelerator position sensor. I poked arund the internet to see what exactly this stuff is (i'm not a car guy) and found a forum for Toyota Tundras that explained my exact same experience.

It will only stop working when its very cold out(10 degrees F or colder). Truck will idle at 1200 rpm and when I push on the pedal the engine light comes on and no throttle response until the throttle cable takes over in the manual mode. If you let the truck warm up, shut it off, disconnect and then reconnect the battery, all is fine due to the temperature warming up in the engine bay</p>

That is exactly what happened that day at work that it got down to negative 20. Next year I'll WFH or take the day off to avoid the headache.

So Mint upgraded their software recently. Holy cow it totally kicks ass now. I was considering their new Property section and how cool it would be to link your vehicles to the private sale listings from kbb.com. They did this linkage for property using a listing website, so you can get a general idea of how your house value fluctuates over time. It would be awesome to also link your vehicles to kbb though. Maybe the feature is in the pipe; who knows.