I sat through an hour and a half of I am Legend tonight. Boy, what a crappy movie.

For all the "oh my god Will Smith" and "oh my god, it was so good" that movie was a letdown. "But the poor dog!" Yeah, big deal about the dog. It gets bitten by some zombies and Will Smith breaks it's neck, there, the secret is out.

The whole plot reeks of 28 days/weeks later which were both far better movies. For one, the zombie folk are played by real people. All the zombies in IAL are computer generated. They dont instill that same level of fear that the zombies in 28 did.

Smith gets props for playing a great role; he was just defeated by everyone around him.

I wrote a firefox search plugin today for our telephone book at work. I love the telephone book, I just hate having to surf to the page. I can never remember the url and once I get there I need to navigate these drops down menus and stuff. No offense to the guy who wrote it; I know him, and he's a great guy. I just needed something even more basic.

Joe had it right with his caller id hack. I took that idea and turned it into a firefox plugin. It's cool.

Well, I was looking forward to Berkeley, and then I got a dose of reality; now I'm not looking forward to it. Really, why am I going out that way if we're not going to use the product. There's some stuff going down at work that, while I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it is happening, is taking me by surprise that it is</strong> happening.

I rant about these issues at work all the time, but now action is being taken and I'm left standing there saying "what? oh snap, I better make sure I'm indeed playing my role".

What is my role again? I mean, sometimes I just get the impression that people are making excuses for me. "He's too busy" and stuff like that. I don't buy that claim; ever. The reality of it is "he's just lazy", or "he's depressed" or "he just doesn't know what the hell to do next because he's so stellar that he finishes everything he touches in a week and work can't keep up with him".

I'm never "too busy".

I am usually one of the aforementioned three.

Everyone uses that argument sometime in their life though to justify their inability to accomplish a task; pick one.

Right now a lot of my tasks are programming related. I'm not "too busy" for them. In fact, I work on them straight 8 to 4. The problem is more along the lines of "I'm having trouble thinking this problem through" or "how is a good, not perfect, way to make this?" Those are the real reasons it takes time to do work; not because I wear 50 different hats.

I'll admit though that I'm going through a bout of laziness/depression right now; happens to the best of us. Just gotta keep plodding along and rolling with the punches.