So cold that when I went to leave work today, my car didn't start at first.

Then, it started, but the ESC (Electronic stability control light) and check engine light stayed on.

I proceeded to press the ESC on/off button, and the light didn't respond; great. Pressed gas pedal, no response; wonderful.

Let car sit and idle for a bit. Maybe it's just cold I thought.

Waited 10 minutes. Joe came out and we had a quick chat about how I stole his book from him and was going to have my way with it tonight in my office tonight. Good times, good times.

Got back in the car, turned off car, turned on car. ESC light went off; progress! Check engine light stayed on; bummer.

In fact, the check engine light stayed on the entire way home. So of course I was thinking the worst, but the car is still under warrenty. I just didn't want to dick around with any problems. I get fed up with problems like these.

Well, so maybe it just needs to warm up a little. I parked it in the garage and let it sit until about right now (10:30-ish). Went in, fired up the auto and voila check engine light turned on and then off (as it should, and normally, does).

And it's supposed to be colder tomorrow; wonderful.