I've finally gone and done it. The WRT54g that I have used as my router to the internet has served well all these years but since a lot of the stuff in my house is wireless, there has been a conflict of interest when it comes to using wireless and doing anything else that requires the internet.

For a long time I wanted to use Vyatta because it sounded really cool and because I had the extra computer laying around to run it. Well, yesterday was the day. Equipped with a gig switch, I replaced the WRT54g with an old desktop running Vyatta and stuck it between the switch and Mr. DSL.

It took a bit of reading their documentation and browsing the net, but in about 2 hours I had set everything up, got NAT working and ports forwarded to the necessary computers. Vyatta is a really cool product. I'm interested in doing a VPN next. I'm 2 days away from axing cable too. I'm glad I've been able to find new things to do to replace that. It's been difficult to break the habit though; as Joe would attest.