Well how about that. CSTAPI has grown to reach 17 base classes; yikes! Incredibly, 3 more; nessquik, CNAS and FedModel, are slated to go into the API soon.

CSTAPI is one of the development projects at work that I am most proud of. Actually, I just wish it would get more use lab wide because it is just that cool.

CSTAPI is an XML-RPC API that we use to make new applications at work, or integrate existing applications together. It's a culmination of all of the best practices that I have studied and experimented with. It also uses lots of fancy software that I have never had much need to use before.

Things like Oracle, memcached, KML, gnupg, web proxy stuff, and many homegrown apps that other groups have made. It ties together everything; is richly documented, and available to any language (with examples in CST's two primary languages, PHP and Python).

It's my first app that is near fully unit tested, although I can't speak to the usefulness of unit tests yet; still not sold on that one. It's structured in a way that I'm really satisfied with. It underwent a bit of refactoring to get it to this point, but now that it's here, I find it extraordinarily easy to add functionality to it.

Since it's a site specific solution though, there's little reason to show it off. Many good lessons I've learned though have incorporated themselves into the current codebase for nessquik. So when the next version of nessquik is available, you'll be able to get the gist of how CSTAPI is coded. Fun fun.