My sister came home this weekend for my house warming party; a party some some "friends" failed to make an appearance at (I've gotten over it though, we're no longer friends). She brought with her her new kitten Tula. It's really cute, obviously. I babysat it while she went off to work. In other news, 2 cool games come out tomorrow; Dead Space and Goldenaxe. Man they look cool.

In other news I've been interested in making a PHP extension for Bro. Randy and I are all like thinking we've found cool developer stuff to do with this thing called SWIG. Well, at home I tried to get it to make a PHP extension for Bro but it didn't go so well. Anyways, I have another idea on how to get it to work. I wonder if it will be useful? Hopefully, at least, it will net me another free plane ride out to the west coast :-)