We work with a couple sister sites every now and then to do data sharing. Well, since one of those sites is apparently sleeping with the master now, the master has decided that "hey this new data sharing this is hot shit and all you other sites need to do it"

Alright, but you forgot one thing

  • there's no documentation</li>
  • there's no support</li>
  • the code _is_ broken (I've tested the fucking scripts and submitted patches. Shit is broken)</li>
  • the "solution" is too site specific to original site</li>
    So, fuck you master. We'll best effort it, or, you can make it a priority to actually create a product that is sufficiently general so that it can be implemented at sister sites.

    On another topic, I got back from Reflections/Projections the other day and there was another talk from a Morgan Stanley developer about the wacky languages they use over in that cave. This time, it was Q.

    Q is a sort of "vector language" or "array language". I have no experience with these kinds of things, but if you decide to read up on the topic, you quickly get overwhelmed. They are _far_ different from your typical programming language. The stuff the guy demo'd was hella cool, but you'll gouge your eyes out when you look at the syntax (refer to the APL, A+, and J programming languages too)