So it's been a tad bit rainy around here in the midwest lately due to the effects of Ike. At my mom's house the sump pump apparently "broke" and then proceeded to leave 2 or so inches of water on the floor. I went over to help clean up and to look at the pump. It was jimmy-rigged in a rather lame manner, so after lifting the float up and down a couple times I came to the conclusion that whoever had screwed with it last had placed the float incorrectly.

Several cable ties later and the pump was back to normal.

Greg, Dan and I flew off to Gamestop also to pick up a copy of Dead Rising. Greg showed me the gameplay on YouTube and it looked too good to pass up.

So I'm on the hook for a couple big expenses over the next month or so, two of them mandatory, and I'm not looking forward to them. In fact, now that one of them is on my mind, lemme call and make the appointment; hold on... ... ...ok, done. Anyways, yeah, the other one is either an oil change or a thousand mile checkup for Mr. motorcycle. I put it off and put it off and... hold on... calling them now too while it's on my mind... ... ...ok done.

So yeah. I need to get the bike taken care of before winter or else I'll forget about it again. meh