I can't even begin to explain how hard I got served by Joe this last week. There's this silly program called P2P Marshal which claims to be a tool that can analyze disks/disk images for contraband gained from P2P software; warez dude.

When it was first announced (and I forget where I read about it) Joe and I had a damn good laugh because the app is such a complete waste of time. It's a glorified "find -name *.mp3" that runs exclusively on Windows.

Anyways, they (humorously) provide training for how to use the app. What's more humorous is that the training costs ~500 bucks. And what's even more humorous is that I got an email from them saying that they're offering it, and would I like to attend.

So I forwarded the email to Joe, jokingly saying "if you sign me up for this, I will</strong> kill you".

Well, he signed me up...not</strong> funny

I got a supposed email from them that looked like the type of reply email you might get from a conference after you have registered. Any other time I would have disregarded it as spam, but since I had received the offer so recently, I thought that the email confirmation was indeed legit.

I can only imagine the look on my face, overlaid with the shadow of total hopelessness and despair. Joe can probably explain my reaction pretty accurately.

On top of that, he said he was going to schedule me for the red-eye flight out to Georgia for the training (he knows how much I hate to fly and how much of a stickler I am for punctuality). Every word that came out of his mouth just made me sink deeper and deeper. "What the hell did I do to deserve this?" I thought. "It was a joke. An innocent joke gone horribly wrong" I said.

I tried to make the best of my obviously terrible situation by saying "oh yeah well I'd show up with my linux laptop and play stupid" or "show up with an external drive full of pirated movies and music and play it non-stop during the training"; anything to light a fire at the training.

I forget how things panned out, but at one point Joe mentioned that I check the email headers to see where the mail came from and that maybe I could poke around their site beforehand or something; I forget.

I checked out the headers and something didn't look right. It never left our domain. In fact, it came from lolcat; Joe's desktop.

Wait a second...

I then saw the reply-to and it was tarupp@localhost.domain.com....

I slowly turned my head around to see Mr Spanky McSpank Spank. He stared ahead at his monitor, then his eyes darted over to look at me. He obviously caught the look of "why I aught-a..." scrawled on my face because shortly after he cracked a big smile.




He then proceeded to inform me that that was for the packing peanuts thing I did to him during furlough. I was totally amazed at how much I just got served. I was dazed. In fact, I needed to leave the office right then and there.

Mission accomplished. Totally owned. lol

So yeah, words cannot explain how I felt after I came to the sudden realization that it was all just a massive dose of Joe trickery. I'm glad it was Friday.

You win Joe