Today was a rather interesting day. Since the KCA cutover we have only had a small number of things that needed to be fixed. It never ocurred to me though, that htaccess files are colon delimited, and very stingy about their delimiters.

In a nutshell, this totally fubar'd our Nagios setup since it uses FakeBasicAuth and our SSL Certs now have Subject DNs with colons in them.

So the solution after a lot of talk with Marc, the resident guru of everything, got me pointed in the right direction and with a little bit of SSLUserName and SSLRequires got Nagios working again and still limited to CST.

In other news I had to deal with two apps today that I've never really touched; sec and auditd. auditd isn't too bad. SEC on the other hand is a bit complicated. There's a vast amount of documentation for the app, but it's just a complicated tool to begin with. In the end I got things figured out enough to make the tool useful though.