I wanted to buy the new Disturbed CD when it came out. Today I found on cheapassgamer that someone had posted a code to download the Disturbed track pack for free. I was stoked. I downloaded it and was rocking to their new single.

Next I went on Amazon and checked when it came out. Turns out it was today! They had the CD on sale for $9.99, sweet! I checked BestBuy since they're closest to me, and all the stores listed it as in stock; sweet++.

So I hopped in my car and sped off to get it...or so I thought.

BestBuy was sold out of it...huh? What kind of town do I live in that has this many fans of Disturbed. So I went to Walmart across the street. Surely they have the CD. Well, they did...for 14 bucks...and they wouldn't price match. Ok, well, now I'm really pissed off.

The CD is being sold for 9.99 and that's the most I'm going to pay for it. I love the band and am willing to buy their CD...but they can't keep them in stock.

Well, I guess I'm a fair-weather fan then, because thankfully for the internet, PB had it on sale for $0. Thanks PB. Thanks for nothing BB and Walmart. I'll buy it in like a year or so when it's $4.99