This weekend I swapped out the lamp socket in my crawl space for a lamp socket + standard power outlet. I was trying to remember back to what Joe has taught me about electricity, and I think I put it together right. I'm not sure if the gauge of the wire is appropriate for the amount of stuff I have hooked on to the outlet though. You could say I'm a bit worried about melt-age or sparking...hmm...

In the process though I managed to shock myself like 100 times. I also think my KVM isn't grounded because it's shocking me every time I touch one of the ports and touch like the water kill switch. Maybe I put something together wrong.

I also put together a breakout box like Joe has. It's super cool!

Finally, I bought some more screws to replace the missing ones on my GSXR. It's a royal pain trying to find the right screws at a hardware store. Even knowing which ones you want still takes forever because there are so</strong> many boxes of screws. I think I found the correct ones, but the heads are pretty small, so I need to go back and get some washers for them.

Finally I moved the servers down into the crawlspace. My sister was on my case about how hot it was in her room (the servers were in her closet) so with a huge length of Cat5 and a couple hours I moved the whole server area down into the crawlspace. I'm not sure what the temperature is going to be like in there over time, but if it gets too hot, I plan on punching a hole in my garage to create a vent with a fan (the crawlspace shares a wall with the garage).

Next weekend I'll be at my dad's helping him finish off the fence in his yard. Cool!