No young people live in Illinois.

I attended a Free Spirit Riders club meeting today at the local Honda dealer hoping to make some new friends and future riding buddies. What I got was a group of people old enough to be my parents.

There's nothing inherently wrong with them; they're a great bunch of guys. But this problem has reared it's head before (@ work) and it's starting to get me bummed out. I must have no luck finding people my age to hang out with. Or, more likely, people my age are just doing stupid crap like getting married, and forever sealing themselves off with responsibilities that bring about the untimely death of their spontaneous, fun, side of life.

Or perhaps no-one between the ages of 23 and 25 actually lives in Illinois anymore.

What's up with this? I must have picked the wrong interests in life or something. Going to Northbeach is not fun anymore people.