I have six financial goals for 2008. I don't think they're overly ambitious, but with, let's just say 7, months left in the year , I am confident I can meet them.

First I want to pay off my credit cards. I've wanted to do this for a while because the interest will eventually eat into my bottom line. I paid off my last interest charging one last month I think. The last CC I have currently has 0% interest. I'm looking to say "I have no CC debt, yay!" though, so I think I'll either pay it off next month, or over the next 2 months.

Second, I want to pay my last rent payment to my mom. Now, I'm pretty sour about the whole mom charging rent thing, but since I do owe one last payment, she'll get it and then that's it</strong>. Getting this monkey off my back will help boost the moral too.

Third I want to open a Roth IRA at Vanguard. I have several funds already with them and I really like them. I want to mix a Roth in because, while I already contribute to my employer 403b, I understand the financial benefits of the Roth in the long run. I don't think I'm ready to fully fund the Roth this year though. I'll start small; maybe half.

Fourth I want to fully fund my 403b. Currently I'm at about half of full fund-age. Fully funding it isn't going to be as "omg" as I initially thought. I wish there was a way to better way to dollar cost average the 403b though. I get paid monthly, so I can only put in pre-tax monies once a month. I'd prefer if I could do weekly pre-tax contributions. Oh well. Along the same lines of the max 403b, I'm going to be on the employer sponsored retirement package that is offered after 2 years of employment like white on rice.

Fifth, I want to cash out my Van Kampen funds and move the money to my Vanguard funds. I've been real</strong> unhappy with Van Kampen. My uncle set me up with this account a long time ago, but everything Van Kampen does just sucks IMHO. Their website is lame, they used your SSN for a long</strong> time as your login name (this has only changed recently). They have terrible Quicken support (from my experience) and I, in general, have no idea how well the fund is performing. It's time to sell and merge. The only thing I'm not quite clear on is the tax repercussions of this move. Or for that matter, any</strong> financial repercussions. It's something I have to look into.

Finally, and I don't intend this goal to be a "Tim tooting his own horn" goal, but, well, I want my net worth to break the $100,000 mark. Technically it's feasible, but it's going to take a great deal of frugality to accomplish. I'm within reach though, so it is possible. This is without a doubt the most difficult of the sixth to meet though. Time to play the saving game again. What is this, something like round 5000 or something? : )