I'm an avid reader of a bunch of personal finance blogs. I like their frugal mindset because they make it sound like a game and, well, I kinda-sorta approach money and saving like a game too.

For a long time I've eaten out at Subway nearly every day for lunch. It's been one of my weaknesses, or to put it more appropriately, it's the one thing I splurge money on; eating out.

Recently though, I've been in a food rut. I would wait for lunch to come around but I didn't know what I wanted. When I would think about Subway, or any of a myriad of other restaurants, nothing sounded appealing. So I figured this month I'd change my lunch around.

Normally I buy food only when I absolutely need it. Ok, I do that with a lot of things, but I'm really conservative with my money. I was at my parents house the other day and went out to the store with my mom and a shopping list with roughly 10 items on it; all food. An hour or so later I was walking out of the store with a basket full of groceries and a receipt with $157.66 sitting at the bottom; yikes!

Now, single male, eats standard 3 meals a day, maybe some snacking in between. I don't usually spend that much cash to feed myself. Well...actually I did</strong>, now that I've figured things a bit.

Subway would run me ~$5.50 a day. That included a 6" sandwich and bag of Doritos. I love Doritos. If I was stranded on a desert island with only one thing to eat, it would be them. Add to that the cost of gas in driving the 10-15 minutes each way to Subway. Just for lunch, I'm running (conservative estimate) $180 bucks a month. On top of that I need to buy breakfast and dinner food-stuff.

And, that $5.50 only nets me this puny little bag of Doritos! Heresy!

Now, I sat down and pen'd my way through my grocery receipt marking the items that I soley intended to be lunch food. The final verdict? $57.28, a savings of $123+. woot.

It gets better though. I put the Doritos in standard plastic sandwich bags. I've calculated this, and one normal sized bag of Doritos can last me one week...filling</strong> the sandwich bag. Better yet, almost every week Jewel, or Dominicks or Walmart or whoever is having a 2 for 1 sale on Doritos; get two bags for $3.50. Bam!

So hell this is fantastic. I've cut lunch spending by more than a third, and haven't really lost out on anything. Plus, in that original $150 that includes breakfast and dinner foods. Yay for shopping!