On the todo list for the next version of nessquik was the library I use for the RPC functionality. Originally I had downloaded it off the web and packed it with nessquik in an almost vanilla form. I added SSL support and switched it to use cURL, but aside from that it was pretty much stock code.

After 2.5 went out, it became obvious that logging was inadequate in nessquik. There was no formal logging system, and there wasn't enough logging either. This had made problems with nessquik typically difficult to diagnose.

In trunk, I added a logging architecture which is all well and good, but the RPC library still didn't make use of it. Well, that's been fixed now too. The entire RPC library has undergone an overhaul to be generally better. It makes full use of the logging architecture, and I've made sure it logs enough information about what it's doing to provide the feedback necessary to debug any problems.

In addition to the changes in the actual library, the process of defining the API, and extending it, has been re-done as well. I've documented the changes as needed. They're on an internal wiki that will become external at the point that 2.6 is available.

Some additional things on the wiki include step-by-step instructions for installing nessquik on most of the platforms supported by Nessus. Also, new to nessquik, are fine-grained access controls, plugin exclusions, the ability to modify more settings on a per-user basis, and in general a lot of new things.

So we'll see how it all goes.