Today I had an awkward thought as I walked out of the bathroom at work today. I went down to the second floor because the third floor is under construction, but the bathrooms look exactly the same. This got me thinking that it would be funny if the bathrooms _were_ exactly the same, and depending on which door you went through, it'd be like warping from any current point you're at, to the same bathroom; a pass by reference if you will.

This got me thinking about some of the things in life that we wouldn't want to pass by reference (assuming we could).


Imagine how crowded they'd get. Sure you'd save on building costs, but you'd pay for it with customers standing around pinching their knees together. Bad news.


Think of Portillo's during lunchtime. Now think of all the portillo's in your state pointing to the same one Portillo's. Can you say "waiting for the rest of eternity at the drive through" ?

Significant Others</strong>

We don't need to stew on this one too long, we already know it's bad news. Cool in theory, problematic in implementation ;-)

Drop a comment if you've got some other good ones.

In other news I paid off my credit card! wooooo! ... ... ...poor!

I have 1 other card to pay off, but it has 0% interest right now, so I'm not in a big hurry. The other card had 9% and had a balance of 1000+ on it so it was high time I started cutting it down. I've lived more-or-less off of debit the last couple months. It's less difficult than I thought it would be, but it does take quite a bit of self control not to go on frivolous shopping sprees with people like Joe. Don't worry Joe, you're still cool.

I won a fleece sweater today at work (random). I was apparently drawn at random from the safety database that is on site. Ok, whatever. It's really warm though, and I needed something like this for motorcycle during cold days. Hoorah!

Finally I ran into a small coding problem that I guess I didn't think would be a problem. MDB2 and PEAR Date recently updated themselves. I've made some custom additions to each of them, so immediately I was like "oh crap, I need to port changes". The problem is that both libraries have changed quite a bit since the last time I downloaded them. Come to think of it, I don't even know which versions I'm using any more.

I thought about the difficulty that was going to be involved in porting them, then I quickly became depressed by the sheer volume of work, then I got an idea, and now I've skirted the problem.

Inheritance. Win.

I figured well, I have these Date and MDB2 classes, why not just extend them and then override the methods with my own. I can call the parent methods if need be. What a novel concept. I quickly did this with the Date class and now I can upgrade the core libraries willy-nilly. The MDB2 package is next, although I don't think it will be terribly complicated to do. It mainly involves extending some postgres libraries, so I'll probably resort to making a pgsql2 protocol and extending the original pgsql (sounds more difficult than it actually is).

So yeah, lots of stuff happened today, and furlough paycheck is : (