No, seriously, when is it over? I need to tell Joe something but I guess I can't because that would be considered work.

Ok, I have a grand idea. I'll blog about it, and then hope that he reads the blog in time.

In the event that he does, here are a list of things that Joe has not been doing while I'm away.

  • unmapped application alerts from nagios are going to cst-admin</li>
  • scratch partition on roaster is almost full (goodbye splunk ngreps when it reaches 100%)</li>
  • netflow partition on roaster is almost full (adios netflow from datacom)</li>
  • I'll bet Joe hasn't done the 1 thing I asked him to do while I was gone. Remember what it was Joe?</li>
    So if Joe happens to stop by and read this post before things blow up, then great! Maybe he'll fix them! If not, well, I guess they'll be waiting to be fixed on Monday because I know noone else will fix them; only Joe and I can make things work.