So Joe's Macbook Pro had it's battery explode in the machine. I took pictures of it, it looks funny. Now, usually this is a bad thing because now he loses his computer until it gets fixed. Well, Apple has to replace the whole machine and, well, kinda a little while back, my 'T' key on _my_ macbook pro fell off. I never managed to get a new one, but now that Joe's comp is basically kaput, we harvested his T key. Woot! Now I can type my name again :p

Well, another thing happened today and it made me angry. I use splunk and I was going back and forth on a support ticket with them. Ultimately it came to needing log files, so I uploaded them in what I figured would be a funny manner. After all, a company that does this</a> in their product, you would imagine, can take a joke.

Well, I uploaded a folder to their sftp server called Be.Kind.Rewind.2008.CAM.XVID-JACKBLACK. Then proceeded to fill it with par's, rar's an NFO and file_id.diz file. Basically I was going to mimic a warez/cam drop. Well, I did the deed, uploaded my log files rar'd and par'd, and got email back from support asking "What's going on here? Are these log files"

Ugh, killed the joke.

So after I explained it to them, and they backpedaled on understanding the joke, everything was kosher, but I still needed to re-upload the zipped log file in a more understandable name. *sigh* oh well, guess the apple's at splunk fall pretty far from the development tree.

In any event, I still like splunk, and I'd still vouch for their high quality product and enjoyable employees. It just kinda soured my day.