The netflow app I developed at work finally works...oh wait, no the system just crashed, damn.

Seriously, this whole week has been, more or less, bad. It started with Joe coming back from furlough, progressed to netflow app not being done, moved to app finally being ready for testing, and then ended with system after system failing as I moved the app from one to the other *sigh*

The whole series of events has been rather spectacular and speaks volumes of the need for quality documentation. If I hadn't been documenting the installation process for this app, I'd be up a creek without a paddle. It's a convoluted install due to it's use of kerberos in our environment. It also has a lot of moving pieces. I don't think it's something that you could just stick in an RPM and say "here, knock yourself out"

Furlough has really made things rather miserable. I need to have some hardware purchased, but the guy that does the purchasing is, of course, on furlough. So all of that gets put off for a week. I want to fix 3 of our scanner farm nodes, but the guy who supports that is on furlough next week, so god forbid something breaks...because we can't call him in. So that gets put off for a week. And then of course it won't be accomplished on the week after he gets back....because that's when I'm on furlough. See how this shit just throws things out of whack?

Well, I've managed to find another machine in our racks that I can dedicate to the netflow app, but it doesn't have SATA ports (figures) so I'm instead using this (literally) no name SATA card to add said functionality. Where did I go wrong in life? Why do work and computers hate me so much?

So let's see how this new machine goes. I've gotta be optimistic about this one since it's one of my babies (the others weren't). It's going to lead me to victory!