*head explodes*

Seriously though, to those who asked for the Breakfast Casserole, I really am going to post it here so you can consume it's deliciousness too. This week has been mad busy though and Joe has been a grumpy Guss because he was dropped too many times as a child or something.

He's been on my case about something, and the only thing I can think of is that he is mistaking me for Frank. Like maybe when he looks at me, he instead sees Frank or something. I dunno. So he's made my week bad. And then as of today I _finally_ figured out the massive bottleneck in the netflow DB app (it was the indexes) so with that fixed I subsequently filled up the entire disk; way to go Tim.

Back to using babar tomorrow though because Ron is on furlough and he's the only person in our group that can spend money for our group (aka we have no money right now) so no sleds or power supplies for me.

I'm supposed to get a phone call from someone tomorrow, but I'm not sure if they'll be calling me at work or at home or my cell or what.

I participated in a career expo today and my booth was by far</strong> the best. I had students walking up and asking me questions all night. The education center people asked if I'd like to do this (speaking) on a more frequent basis. I told them sure because I like doing it. We'll see how that turns out.

Going back to Ft. Wayne the first week of March to...how'd you guess...speak! Also going to go up north and give the finger to the world as I relax in my friend's cabin. Hello furlough. (say it like the "hello moto" guy)