This is my last day to have the office all to myself. Joe comes back on Monday (oh no! hide! j/k) ... ... ...wait a second, "j/k" ... ... oh ... my ... god I just reconsidered what that could mean. Joe! j/k Joe! Get it? It's you! j/k hahahahahahahaha

Inside joke if anyone is confused.

So I made an iPod Touch interface for nessquik :-P . useless? Yes. Likely to get me praise? Yes. hehe. It just seemed like one of those fun things to do. I'm looking around for good documentation on how to to write iPod Touch apps. The Apple docs are too wordy and don't show enough example code. Maybe I just haven't looked into it far enough though.

My last duty as Zerg Overlord today then is to get either dumbo or babar running again. Something really hosed the database partition on babar, and now the machine kernel panics every time you fsck the drive : ) We're going to try the virtual machine route with dumbo and see if that helps. The VM server is a bit more resilient than the old farm node babar.