I've made a guestimation at the amount of cash, or lack there of, that I'll be taking home during furlough. The number comes out to $1050.18. That's going to be on every other paycheck. Hmm, kinda makes one feel like shit, no?

I'm a big saver, and frankly I'm downright angry that I won't be earning that money. It'll certainly put a damper on spending during those months. I've put myself in "dramatically pay off bills" mode right now so that I can try to free up cash. I've got $1500 of credit card debt to go. I'd say that's not too shabby for a 24 year old almost fresh out of college (it's been a year and a half). Now, granted, I didn't have much CC debt in college as it was, but it certainly beats the pants off of my parent's CC debt (likely in the 5 to 6 figures....each).

My dad and uncle are largely to blame for my fiscal and social conservatism. Dad is a CFO of a bank and uncle is an investment guy. My dad is one of those fiscal conservatives that sounds something like this

Yeah, try growing up with that in the house.

He has good intentions (5 kids, divorced, pays 75k to mom a year, basically supports 2 homes) but his financial situation and my financial situation are completely opposite each other. My only _real_ debt any more is my mortgage, car, and motorcycle. I like to do the whole saving bit because I'm a packrat by nature, but I really like my uncle's POV about money; it's important to save while you're young...but you've gotta have fun too.

I understand the U.S. is probably going to be really fucked up come my retirement, but that's why I've gone the way of the pauper these first couple years of work. I've socked away a _hell_ of a lot of income, which I don't plan on spending. The plan was to just kinda let it sit and grow in various interest bearing accounts. It's worked so far, and I supplement my incredible desire to impulse buy tech stuff with budget games.

It's tough, mentally, to go through difficult financial times. One just has to keep pressing on though. I enjoy my job, and I like the people I work with. I hope it will remain that way for the foreseeable future.