Man, this is hilarious.

So this whole last week I've been feeling like shit. It's like I'm teetering on the edge of being sick or something. Anyways, since I've been feeling down, I really needed a good pick-me-up. I was writing code for this flows thing and wanted to find an example of parsing command line args, so I went to the splunk source code.

I jumped around in it and then weirdly came across this one command 'ftw'. Now, I at first gave it a little chuckle and didn't expect much because the splunk developers do this a lot</strong> in their code. But I stayed interested and did a 'splunk help ftw' on the command line. No help was available, so I just ran 'splunk ftw' and came back with the greatest output ever seen in an application; an ascii text picture of the orly owl. I thought. And then subsequently busted a gut laughing till I fell out of my chair.

I tip my hat to the devs over there. They are fantastic. The application is jawesome as it is, so to add this "feature" to the app just makes it 1 million times better. I love splunk.