So CES is over for me and I'm sitting in McCarran airport right now trying to kill 2 hours. Jim and I did a lot of cool stuff. It's too bad that CES was kinda split between two convention centers. We only visited the Las Vegas Convention Center. I saw a lot of cool crap and took pictures all over the place.

We stayed at the MGM Grand in a big ass suite which was hella cool. It was kinda a "no expense spared" trip since Jim writes it off as a business expense. I ate a 52 dollar steak at Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse :-). My god it was so good. We also saw Blueman Group. I've seen them in the past, but seeing it again just made it better. They dropped off the bowl of cereal and flashlights with me!

I also got to see Sean again! I haven't seen him in god knows how long. We went to a British pub (haha, old school. Britain ftw). We caught up on life and whatnot. It was a great time. I wish I could stay here longer, but no luck :-(. I've taken the rest of the week off work though, so time to sleep and lounge.