So the other day I attended a VOIP dog and pony show at Cisco's business demo building thingamajig in Chicago. They demo'd this new product they are trying to sell called TelePressence. It's this wicked cool video meeting thing. It's got 3 64 inch plasma screen tv's connected to 3 video cameras and the whole thing streams across the internet; 6 Mb per tv, yowza!

It costs a cool 300k though : (

In addition to that though, they demo'd all their VOIP technology, and it all is really really cool. Granted I've had no exposure to VOIP stuff, so almost anything I see related to it I deem cool.

So yeah. Today we put Ubuntu Gutsy beta on Joe's Macbook Pro. It works great! I put it on my desktop back at home and ran into some quirks during installation, but I worked around them and all is fine.

Now for some tabs. ext looks neat!