This last weekend I attended a cyber defense competition at Indiana Tech. Unlike last year though, I was a member of the Red Team this time. It was a whole lot of fun. There were only two teams, but it fit our red team well. Joe (my boss) and I were the two red team members and we were tasked with breaking in and stealing data from a mock company that had a new sys admin crew recently put in place.

By the end of the competition (largely thanks to Joe) we had managed to completely own both team's web servers. We leeched their databases too, taking with us their whole business including customer lists and credit cards. After the two days of the competition, the teams were asked to write a short document detailing how they believed they were doing. Both teams still thought they had done well by the end of the competition...that is until we debriefed them and showed them how badly they had been infiltrated.

I had a great time and Joe did too. The regional competition is coming up in about a month, so I plan on going to that one too to root for my team. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Indiana Tech won the competition that I red teamed at.