I just finished the book "The Paradox of Choice" by Barry Schwartz. It was an excellent book arguing against the "benefits" of too much choice in one's life. He included many great examples of how people may be objectively better off in life, but subjectively we're all miserable wrecks. It was a really compelling argument and I'd have to agree with nearly everything he put forth in it. I'd highly recommend it since it was a very quick and interesting read. He's a stellar author and reading his book was akin to sitting down and having a one-on-one conversation with him. I really like authors that write like they speak.

So next in line is a book called "The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. I'm not quite sure how this one will turn out. I forget why I wanted it in the first place. Whether it was a recommendation from Joel or Amazon, I have no idea. Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading another (hopefully) well written technical book (like the kind Joel Spolsky writes). Time will tell.