This past week I ate at California Pizza Kitchen for the first time. It was James' birthday and that was where we went. I was surprised at the food. I didn't think I would like anything there but found a sandwich that was really good.

This weekend also included the release of Clerks 2. The movie was hilarious. Everyone should see it.

Will and I hung out this weekend and he brought Katamari out of my closet asking to see if I had collected all the cousins. I hadn't, but subsequently went and collected the rest of them.

I watched this movie from the 1950's today called The Magnetic Monster</em> one of my coworkers let me borrow it. It was funny but still a good movie. They used a lot of physics lingo in it. It was about a new element that was invented that was going to destroy the world because it was able to absorb energy and double it's mass. This was problematic because according to them it wouldn't stop and would set the earth off balance in it's orbit (not likely). Good movie none-the-less.
Work starts back up tomorrow and this week is going to be kind of insane financially. I start paying back student loans, get a check, pay rent, and purchase a car... :-/

Anyways, for everyone else...

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