Goodness I'm writing on the blog again.

This week has flow by and I'm still trying to figure out where the time has gone. Work has been BUSY! I come home at about 5pm and sit down and read or study until midnight. Friends tell me that I'm a wizard on the job with the amount of crap I've been able to get accomplished but I don't see what they see. I'm just doing work.

I finished reading The Amazing Life of Jesse Livermore</em> and it was truly amazing. Livermore is one of the most famous stock market timers/speculators that has ever lived and his biography in this book is stunning in how similar it is to the Greek Tragedy genre of stories. Nevertheless it was an excellent read. I've started on Count Zero Interrupt</em> by Gibson now. Gibson is really hard to read, or he was when I tried to read Neuromancer</em>. That book was very confusing and not put together well at all. I'm hoping Count Zero</em> will be better.

Amazon has another 2 books on their way to my house (a financial book and some other book which I forgot the name). I bought them used for 15 bucks (the shipping is included in that 15). So I say that's a good deal.

I also purchased a 2 gig RAM upgrade for one of my desktops the other day. The tower that needed it only had 512 meg to begin with and was crippled with that little RAM. The machine has speedy SATA disks and a 3.0 GHz CPU, so the bottleneck has been the RAM. Picked up the sticks from TigerDirect for ~200 bucks which is fine by me.

I almost have a new car, I applied for a credit card with no pre-set spending limit, and I hate CapitalOne because they have a crappy web interface to their accounts. Come this paycheck I also need to jump on the Vangard Money Market account, Roth IRA, and one of these days I need to contact the benefits office to have them start deducting money to go into the 403b.

James' birthday is this weekend and his brother Jon and I are dressing up as Jay and Silent Bob when we go see Clerks 2 tomorrow. It'll be awesome.