Another weekend down. I got to hang out with my friend Will today which was nice. We didn't do much but it was still nice to just kick back and drive around, play PS2 and curse the horrible weather. Also, this weekend Julie (professor) and I met up near Oakbrook. She's in town for a security training course and so she gave me a call. I haven't seen her or Marty since I graduated so it was great to see her. We went to this restaurant in Oakbrook called Papagus. I've never been there and was a little hesitant to go because it was a greek place with a heavy emphasis on seafood. I've never had good luck with seafood. Every time I get it from the store it never tastes good. Fancy restaurants always make it right though.

So the two of us had quite a conversation over dinner and caught up on the times.

Aside from the terribly humid weather this weekend everything else has been fine. I came across a really cool Firefox extension called DownloadThemAll. It's a great tool that lets you batch download items on a page and it works a TON better than cURL or Kget.

I also finished Inside the Spam Cartel</em> this weekend. It was a good book but I was familiar with most of the info the author touched on. None-the-less it was a very quick and interesting read, so I highly suggest it. 8 more books are on my shelf waiting for me, and several more are in the mail. Where has all the time gone?