I've been reading (so what else is new) a lot about spam recently and the motivation and techniques behind sending it and blocking it. Inside the Spam Cartel</em> is a great book and I'm about 170 pages into it.

At work Joe got back on the scope creep bandwagon and started pushing for more features for Nessquik, none of which I have ever given any thought too. So that's what will keep me busy for the rest of the week. Frank probably wont be able to meet with me to discuss rebuilding the KCAs or our test SIM server...next week maybe.

I got my new comp at work but haven't had the time to unpack it. Met with some sales people today and listened to them yap on and on about nothing I care to hear. I think it's funny to listen to a sales rep try to discuss things with you. They never say no! All the convo's I've been in with them always see me coming out of top. They're a bunch of yes [wo]men imho.

Anyways, check the stack.

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